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A picture of my 1980 Suzuki PE 175 at rest in the N.J. Pine Barrens

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The Suzuki PE FAQ contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the PE line of motorcycles. It is available to download as a .zip file in the universal ePub format. A quick general reference for PE owners!.

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Suzuki PE F.A.Q.
The only place to get the Suzuki PE F.A.Q. as an eBook for your tablet or desktop
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Download the Suzuki PE FAQ v1.05 ePub.
175 PE Magazine Tests
Suzuki Pure Enduros
Dirt Bike Aug. 1978 
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Suzuki PE& Yamaha IT
Dirt Bike August 1978
Cycle Sep. 1978 
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Suzuki PE 175 Test
Cycle September 1978
Cycle World Sep. 1978 
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Suzuki PE 175 Test
Cycle World September 1978
Cycle Jul. 1980 
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Suzuki PE 175 Test
Cycle July 1980
Dirt Bike Oct. 1980 
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Suzuki PE 175 Test
Dirt Bike October 1980
Cycle World Feb. 81 
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Suzuki PE 175X
Dirt Bike June 1981 1981
Dirt Bike July 81 
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Suzuki PE 175X
Dirt Bike July 1981
Cycle Guide Sep.1982 
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Suzuki PE 175 Full Floater Test
Cycle Guide September 1982
Cycle World Oct.1982 
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Suzuki PE 175 Full Floater Test
Cycle World October 1982
Dirt Bike Apr. 1983 
My Image
Suzuki PE 175
Dirt Bike April 1983
250/400 PE Magazine Tests
Suzuki Pure Enduros
Cycle World Nov. 1976 
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Suzuki PE 250 Test
Cycle World November 1976
Motorcyclist Apr. 1977 
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Suzuki PE 250 Test
Motorcyclist April 1977
Motorcyclist Nov. 1977 
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Suzuki PE 250 - 5 ISDT Enduros
Motorcyclist November 1977
Cycle Apr. 1979 
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Suzuki PE 250
Cycle April 1979
Dirt Bike Oct. 1979 
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Suzuki PE 250 Test
Dirt Bike October 1979
Cycle World Aug. 1980 
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Suzuki PE 250 (comparison) Test
Cycle World August 1980
Cycle Sep. 1980 
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Suzuki PE 400 Test
Cycle September 1980
Cycle Guide Oct. 1981 
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Suzuki PE 250 Mini Test
Cycle Guide October 1981
Other PE Articles
Suzuki Pure Enduros
Modern Cycle 
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Building a better Suzuki
77' mods
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The best sites for information about PE's
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OneDrive Pure Enduro
Luke's comprehensive collection of PE information
Suzuki Pue Enduro France
Fabrice's fantastic site - TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH
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