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Montesa Cota 349
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My Montesa Cota 349 at rest at a vintage trailride in New York state.
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Judged "Best European" at the NESCO Boke Show and Swap Meet.

MontLogo Teleport

You can download a .PDF of the Montesa Cota 349 Manual as two Zip files.

The manual was broken into two parts for easier downloading.

Part 1 is the User manual and Part 2 is the Parts manual.

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Montesa Cota 349 Manual
Download both the Owner's Manual and Parts Manual.
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Download the Montesa Cota 349 Owners Manual ( @ 37mb)
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Download the Montesa Cota 349 Parts Manual ( @ 27mb)
Montesa magazine tests
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Cycle World July 1976 
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Montesa Cota 348

Cycle Guide December 1976

Cycle World April 1980 
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Montesa Cota 349

Cycle Guide December 1976

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