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I'm partial to Hodakas, I always found them interesting and eventually found a Road Toad 100 project bike that I've spent little on but have been slowly fixing up - not a full restore - yet!

This article details another Hodaka called Navajo'daka and I think it's a pretty succesful design.

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Classic Isle of Man TT onboard

I had a Norton Commando when I was younger, and while every street motorcyclist may dream of riding at the Isle of Mann, even in my wildest dreams I could not imagine these speeds on these roads. It is the most dangerous motor cycle race and the racers are simply awesome!

And this bike, a Suzuki RG500, is definitely, totally, awesome!

Turn the speakers up and watch and listen to Danny Webb circulate the Isle of Man TT course at this year's Classic TT aboard his Team Classic Suzuki RG500!

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Then watch the TT3D Closer to the Edge (The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy) documentary which also follows.

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